1991 born EDM Producer D. Gilbert Miller is a young prodigy producing under several alter egos such as Quartus Saul, Gilbèrt Dupieux and Third Life. Fierce mechanical synths underlying scintillating melodic licks mixing with a ferocious dose of supernatural energy is one way to describe Quartus Saul. Coming from a french house background, this project arose from of the new dubstep movement still being influenced by the early Drum’nbass and Electro he was producing before. Quartus Saul added a whole new dimension of sinister harmonies and plummeted the music to new depths of darkness underlining the playful melodies of his earlier sounds. After being picked up by 2 Much Bass Records at the end of the same year he released his debut EP “Identity” which charted every included dubstep track on the Beatport Top 100 – seemingly out of nowhere. After touring Europe – from Athens, London, Belgium and beyond, including playing a festival in California, his style began evolving into a more melodic and clubby sound. This resulted in the release of Angels and Albatrosses EP on Play Me Records. After moderate success he began garnering DJ support from names like The Crystal Method, Mistajam, Krewella, Dodge & Fuski, Figure, Ajapai, xKore, Liquid Stranger, Mark Instinct, Helicopter Showdown and more. Quartus Saul played quite a few shows through Europe once again and started focusing on the next EP quickly thereafter: “More Heroes”. Hoping for continued success “Superheroes” – which contained Remixes of his favorite artists, was born. After charting his first #1 with the Twist Remix on Glitch Hop he continued to tour Europe and released the next 9 track EP in November 2012 entitled “SMASH”. Containing remixes of Teknian, Rocket Pimp and other established artists, once again he took over the Beatport Charts.

“Quartus Saul is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 1433 on the official DJ rankings list” quoted from DJ-Rankings.com worldwide across every genre.
Currently finishing up another few Singles with official music videos for Labels such as Firepower (Datsik), Play Me Records etc and preparing for the first Album in 2013 you can expect to see this guy all around the globe.